Our Story

snow eagleYour home base for adventure.

Grab a seat on one of our handmade benches and learn a little more about us here at the Red Arrow Inn & Suites.

Since the opening of the Red Arrow Inn in the 1950s, we have always been a family operated business with close ties to the community we live. Most recently we have undergone a brand change and have decided to operate as an independent hotel. We decided to keep the name of the Red Arrow Inn alive to pay tribute to the history of the property and the previous owners, as it has never fully changed its name and always been the Red Arrow in one form or another. Through a little research we have determined that the original owners who opened the “Red Arrow Motor Inn” also had another business in town called the Chipeta Cafe. This owner clearly was paying homage to the Ute Indian History that is so important to the story of our area. Chipeta was Chief Ouray’s wife and Ouray means “Arrow” in Ute, hence the names. Visit the Ute Indian Museum to learn more about the rich history in this area.

Although we have gone through many changes in ownership and many face lifts to our property. The soul of this hotel remains unchanged. Its a feeling you get when you walk in the door. A sense of community and family. A feeling of refuge from the busy outside world. Here you are surrounded by people who care about the details. Who generally enjoy the company of others and want to get to know you better. Here you can relax, recharge and enjoy the beauty of Southwestern Colorado.


One thought on “Our Story

  1. We enjoyed our stay with you in mid September. Doris (front desk person) was terrific- our room was fabulous – the shower was great – Saray was outstanding making our breakfast exceptional. I would recommend this hotel to everyone. It was one of the best we have stayed in.
    Thank you.

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